At Raumati beach School there are three categories of accommodation that will be accepted :

  • Living with a parent.
  • Living with a designated caregiver.
  • Temporary accommodation for cultural visits organised by the group tour leader or the school for a few days only or overnight.

An Indemnity Form must be signed by parents/legal guardians stating that the designated caregivers are ‘bona fide’ relatives or close friends of the student’s family.

Homestay Accommodation Information for Parents of International Students.

Availability of a Homestay Raumati Beach School is located in a reasonably affluent area in a beachside community approximately 45 minutes north of Wellington.

A Homestay would be available for students, but these need to be arranged well in advance.

Raumati Beach School has a close relationship with Kapiti College another International Education provider and also supports the college in providing homestay to older siblings.

Most international students come to study in New Zealand with their own parent.