School Learning Journey

Wharemauku's part of our learning journey
Te Mania's part of our learning journey
Te Moana's part of our Learning Journey
Kapiti's part of our learning journey

Wharemauku –  House made of flax

A drop of water (kopata wai) flows from the Maungakotukutuku Valley down the hills to the township of Paraparaumu, flowing along the Wharemauku Stream gathering knowledge as it goes.


Te Moana – The Sea

The drop of water (kopata wai) leaves the shelter of the Wharemauku Stream and now becomes part of the sea.  It is pushed and pulled towards Kapiti Island in the distance and is continuing to gather knowledge on its journey to the Island.

Te Mānia –  Flat Country

After leaving the township the drop of water (kopata wai) winds its way through the flat land (Te Mānia) learning about the wonders of the world and building on its knowledge as it continues its journey to the sea. 


Kapiti – Bring Together

As the (kopata wai) drop of water moves towards Kapiti Island it is pulled into the sky by the sun (ra) and taken to the peak of the island where it is dropped.  From the peak of the island (Tuteremoana) the water drop (kopata wai) is able to look out across the Tasman Sea and imagine the wonders of the world and learns that its journey into the world is just beginning and that it will continue to grow and gather knowledge as it ventures into the world beyond the Kapiti Coast.