School Visits

RBS Reception Transition Plan (Visits)

All children start school on their birthday and are offered three school visits before they start, but the option to have more is available if it is needed to help your child settle into school.

This is arranged by the Reception Teacher & Co-Ordinator prior to their starting date: an introduction letter with their visit dates will be sent to you via email and/or post approximately 8 weeks prior to your child’s 5th birthday. Visiting our Reception Class is a good way to help make the transition to school a happy easy time for your child.

The visits are also a chance for your child to:

  • meet and develop a relationship with the teacher
  • meet and make friends with other children who will be in their class
  • become familiar with the classroom routines and activities
  • become familiar with the school environment
  • begin to develop confidence to become independent at school


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