Team Kapiti (Yrs 7 & 8)

Kapiti - Bring Together

As the kopata wai (drop of water) moves towards Kapiti Island it is pulled into the sky by ra (the sun) and taken to the peak of the island where it is dropped. From Tuteremoana (the peak of the island) the kopata wai is able to look out across the Tasman Sea and imagine the wonders of the world and learns that its journey into the world is just beginning and that it will continue to grow and gather knowledge as it ventures into the world beyond the Kapiti Coast.

If you want to have fun and be challenged in your learning, Team Kapiti is the right place to be!

We are comprised of seven classes, all year 7 and 8 students. Collaboration is important to us: teachers working together to support students, students working together both within and across classes, students working with different teachers across the school. We are equipping ourselves for the 21st Century by learning to be self-managing learners, using tools such as digital learning to help us take responsibility and to challenge ourselves. Our teachers have high levels of skill in supporting the learning needs of intermediate-age students, and also in supporting the emotional and social needs of adolescence. Transition to college programmes feature for year 8 students, encouraging their ongoing success as they make their next educational step.

Education Outside the Classroom is a key feature of our learning. We love to take trips; recently we have been snorkelling in the Kapiti Island Marine Reserve, have hiked in the Abel Tasman National Park, experienced politics at Parliament, and built sandcastles on our beautiful Raumati Beach.

As we look towards our next adventure, completing our primary school years and moving to secondary school, we are encouraged to be leaders in our community. We support younger students through buddy programmes and mentoring, participate in our Student Executive and Councils, lead events across the school. Most importantly, we are role models…showing others how to be responsible citizens who get involved and contribute both locally and globally.